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A Winning Combination of Knowledge, Experience and Commitment.

Our dedicated, experienced team has the technical knowledge to answer just about any question—and handle nearly every situation that involves heat treating. But what really sets the Donohoo Steel team apart is our unwavering commitment to customers. Our quality and service are second-to-none and we promise that we will not be satisfied until you are! 

Chris Zubroski

Chris Zubroski


Over 29 years experience with knowledge in all areas of the company.  Chris has been overseeing the entire operation for the past 12 years. 

Jim Clasen

Jim Clasen

Heat Treat Process Engineer

Over 38 years experience - Customer service, quoting, processing, quality control/specifications.

Zach Travis

Zach Travis

Production Manager

Over 12 years management experience and a bachelor's degree from Western Illinois University in Accounting. Zach joined the DST team in 2015. 

Vince Edwards

Vince Edwards

Production/ Scheduling Supervisor

Over 22 years experience - Processing, Order Scheduling, Order Status, and Inspection.  

Terri Brown

Terri Brown

Office Manager

Joined the Donohoo team in 2014, bringing 25 years Office Management experience. Skilled in fielding any questions about accounts payable/accounts receivable or any other bookkeeping issues.

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